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with Scott Farber, Ph.D.
Claudia "Karuna" Saucy

MARCH 26-28, 2021

Friday Evening:    5:30pm-8:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:

  20 CEUs

This is a required course in the Discovery Yoga
Master Yoga Teacher Certification Program.

The workshop is open to all yoga students
as well as yoga teachers

According to the ancient yogic system that describes the movement of life force, there are 7 energy centers in the body, known as the chakras or "wheels." These are maps for exploring the energy body or pranamaya kosha. From crown to root, the chakras describe the cosmic journey of spirit materializing; and, in the other direction, like the angels on Jacob's Ladder, they chart the journey back from matter to spirit.

When the natural human instincts for survival, sensation and power (the lower chakras) are in balance--neither restrained nor excessive--then the heart center opens with compassion and detachment leading to the development of authenticity, wisdom and spiritual evolution.

Learning the psychosomatic, psychoenergetic, and psychospiritual characteristics of each energy center can help us recognize and release karmic blocks and habitual patterns, healing and inspiring us to create our lives with infinite potential.

  • Functional Anatomy of the Energy Body:  Chakras, Nadis, Prana, Mudras, Bandhas
  • Specific yoga postures, breathing techniques, and movements to open the energy centers
  • Chakra theory & systems in different cultures
  • Yoga nidra and the chakras
  • Sacred sound (Nada Yoga) and the chakras
  • Let Your Yoga Dance* as a chakra choreography
  • Using the chakras to recognize and release habitual patterns of thought, emotion and behavior.
  • Aesthetic tools for understanding and expressing the energy of the chakras
  • Meditative practices to awaken the energy centers
      Recommended Texts:
Chakra Chart - Julie Lusk
Wheels of Life - Anodea Judith
Eastern Body Western Mind - Anodea Judith
Anatomy of the Spirit - Carolyn Myss

All refunds will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.
If you drop out of the workshop after the start date, there will be no refund
  TUITION: $325

Earlybird Discount: $300
paid in full one month before the start date.


Scott Farber, Ph.D., YACEP/RYT500/E-RYT200 has a doctorate in philosophy and holistic education, with over twenty years experience as a university professor and educational trainer.  Practicing yoga, t'ai chi and meditation for nearly 40 years, he is a graduate of the 500 hour Discovery Yoga Teacher Training, having studied with Amrit Desai, as well as Deva Parnell and other senior Kripalu teachers. A longtime apprentice teacher in the international School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, he also is trained in meditation, including TM, Kabbalah, Qigong, Osho, Arican, and Buddhist methods, as well as in the African drum tradition. Having taught holistic wellness in Hawaii, Asia, Europe, Central America and throughout the U.S., he now teaches Kripalu Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Dynamic Gentle Yoga, and the Yoga Basics Training course at Discovery while also leading 200 hr. and 300 hr. Yoga Teacher Trainings. His integrative healing sessions blend Eastern and Western bodywork modalities, including sound healing and energy techniques. He founded 5 Waves Learning to integrate the art of transformational learning with the science of holistic wellness. He lives at the beach and is an avid surfer, paddleboarder and waterman.

Claudia Saucy aka "Karuna Pragya" 500-CYT, began practicing yoga and meditation at age 18, and later in life completed her 500-hour certification under Don and Amba Stapleton, renown teachers in the Kripalu tradition. She studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad and Matthew Remski, among others, and is an Ayurveduc Lifestyle coach, a Bach Flower practitioner, and a private YogaGuide®. Holding a master’s degree in education, she moved from teaching academic subjects to children to teaching yoga in a variety of settings in Costa Rica, Canada, Italy, and the USA. Karuna brings to her Discovery Yoga classes the qualities that she is named for: karuna (compassion) and pragya (discernment). Combining breath, focus, and mindful flow, her movement explorations develop strength, and offer opportunities for relaxation and opening. Karuna's classes are an invitation to hold yourself with kindness while you explore with awareness the unique makeup of your body-mind-spirit.

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