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In Discovery Yoga classes you get great exercise and more. In addition to our focus on physical and mental practices that build health, reduce stress and retard the aging process, we provide the resources, support and environment for you to increase your capacity for self-discovery and attunement. Coming together with like-minded people in the spirit of Yoga creates a group energy that allows for deeper absorption into the practice. Each class is a complete experience, including centering, warm-ups (pratapana), yoga postures (asana), yogic breathing (pranayama), relaxation (yoga nidra) and integration.


The training program below, comprised of one 90-minute class per week, gives you the tools you
need to attend practice classes with knowledge, experience and confidence. 

Yoga Basics Training

This eight-week course is designed for beginning students as well as those who want to renew and deepen their yoga practice. Demonstrations, assists, and clear, detailed instructions are given for each posture and breathing technique. You will learn--or relearn--the foundations of yoga in order to practice in a safe and confident manner. Great for couples, family members and friends to take together.

•Self awareness
•Discover & honor
  your limits 

Intro to Course

Intro to Warm-ups:
•Basic Warm-up Series
•Core Support

Intro to Asana
(Yoga Postures):

•Half Moon
•Standing Back Bend
Standing Forward Bend
Standing Spinal Twist

Intro to Relaxation:
•Listen to your body’s
•Notice & release


•Spine & Shoulders

•Half Locust

•Notice sensations
•Breath & movement

Intro to Pranayama
(Yogic Breathing):

•Ocean Breath

•Spine & Hips

•Seated Spinal Twist
•Knee to Chest Pose
•Supine Spinal Twist

Letting Go
•Notice what you don’t
  need and let it go


•Complete Breath


•Hips & Hamstrings


•Bound Angle
•Head to Knee
•Posterior Stretch
•Symbol of Yoga

•Notice the movement
  of energy


•Neck & Shoulders


•Half Shoulderstand

•Notice polarities


•Alternate Nostril Breath


•Hips & Hamstrings

•Downward Dog

•Core strength
•Personal power

•Skull Shinning


•Side Warrior

•Notice the effects
  of the practice

•Warm-up Series


The guided flows of warm-ups, postures and breathing techniques below give students of all levels opportunities to learn and clarify details, add new postures to their repertoire, and take their practice to deeper levels. With the increased awareness that comes through practice, you'll begin to understand and respond to the needs of your body and observe your mind and behaviors with more clarity. Our teachers are skilled and creative in the sequencing, mood and tone of their classes – each class a unique expression of teacher-student energy, and a unique experience of yoga.

"I had the joy of attending your Friday class... I loved the immersion into Kripalu and the focus on healing. Your class was prehaps the best I have ever taken in 5 years of doing yoga."
-Carolyn Babcock, Ph.D., Professor of Communication

Practice classes are offered at various levels of intensity and intention:
Beginner - basic practice of foundational postures & breathing techniques
Gentle - easy and relaxing
All Levels - easy to challenging with modifications & variations for any level of practice

Kripalu Yoga: A flow of postures with emphasis on body awareness, alignment and coordination of breath & movement. Students are encouraged to practice at their own level, using variations and modifications to give postures more or less challenge. Classes may be enhanced by music, rhythms and inspirational readings to promote meditative awareness.

Yin Yoga: This slow, deeply meditative yet revitalizing practice helps to release and lengthen the body's deep fascia and connective tissue, providing a wonderful balance to our more active Yang practice and lifestyle. Longer held Yin Yoga postures combined with yogic breathing can also release energy blockages in the physical and emotional bodies. Standing Yin practices (e.g. t'ai chi and qigong) are also introduced.

Chakra Yoga: Discover how to open and align the 7 chakras, or energy centers, through yoga postures, breath, and meditation.  This slow, mindful practice explores the energy body and its profound effect on health and healing.

Slow Flow: This class is perfect for students who want to slow down and deepen their practice. Emphasis is given to slowing down, paying attention, coordinating breath and movement, and relaxing into your own body.

Self Awakening Yoga: This class is a creative learning process and expansion of consiousness that allows for an "un-learning" of old habits and inefficient patterns our bodies may have adopted from past illness or injury. During the class, you will move in interesting new ways: unwinding, rolling, tapping, etc. The process increase awareness and helps unlock and release unhelpful patterns.

Vinyasa Flow: A powerful flow of hatha yoga postures, linked through a series of connecting movements (vinyasa), synchronized with smooth, deep breathing (ujjayi), gaze (dristi) and locks (bandhas).

Vigorous Morning Yoga: Start your day with a stimulating, guided strength and flexibility routine guaranteed to pleasantly awaken your body and mind. Follow a vigorous Ashtanga style routine that includes sun salutations and multiple standing and seated poses, all carefully arranged to help your body warm up and strengthen for the coming day. Enter prepared for a challenging yoga routine that plays along the traditional Ashtanga lineage, and leave with an energized body and composed mind, ready to face anything your day throws at you. 


Community Yoga

Enjoy a special yoga class given each Sunday by a different guest teacher. Suggested donation $10.

Community Drum Circle
First Tuesday Each Month
, 7:15-8:30pm
Find your groove and discover your natural rhythm at Discovery Yoga's Community Drum Circle. The first 20-30 minutes we will warmup with some basic techniques and fundamental rhythms, perfect for kids and beginners. Then there will be an hour of joyful jamming! Listening to the harmony of the group while contributing your own rhythm is a yogic art that opens the heart!  Open to all ages and levels of ability. Dancers welcome too! Please bring your own percussion instrument if you have one; a few will be available for use.
Suggested donation $10.


Community Kirtan
Third Saturday Each Month, 7:00-8:30pm

Experience mantra chanting (kirtan), meditation (dhyana), and afterwards mingle with others who share the compassionate path of mindfulness (sangham). This devotional gathering is not affiliated with any particular path or teacher. It is neither performance, a drumming circle, nor a class. Please be on time! Latecomers or early departures disturb the dynamics of the group. Wear loose clothing. All love offerings will be donated to Discovery Yoga for use of their wonderful facility.
CLICK HERE if you are interested in joining our satsang support group.
Namaste! Om shanti shanti shanti Om ….

Ecstatic Dance
with Evyn Shields
2nd & 4th Tuesdays Each Month
, 7:30-8:30pm

Surrender to sound and your own unique flow. Ecstatic Dance is a wonderful opportunity to take down your guard and express yourself in an atmosphere that encourages self-led expression. This is a donation-based community class, all ages welcome. The nature of Ecstatic Dance is very free, cathartic, and sacred. Healing happens when you are able to fully accept yourself where you are right now. This is an opportunity to dance without substances, the club, or a training class. Aside from the first and last five minutes, there will be silence on the dance floor to ensure others can connect with their rhythm and not be disturbed. There will be a new playlist every week, featuring music inspired by tribal beats, nature, and melodic electronic music. An opening and closing circle will be held to set and reflect on intentions and experiences had within the duration of the dance. Prepare yourself to sweat, release emotionally, and connect with both yourself and others. Make sure to bring water or a towel. Please dress as lightly as you can. Suggested donation, $10.

Evyn Shields is a St. Augustine native and has been dancing her whole life. She has danced with St. Augustine's The Dance Company throughout her childhood and enrolled in the SJCCA Dance Department in her teen years. With a passion for self-expression and travel, she has been led everywhere from Denver, Colorado to Madison, Wisconsin on a mission to be part of dance environments that supported less of a competitive atmosphere. After finding Ecstatic Dance groups through her travels, she felt inspired to create healing spaces within her hometown. She has been leading private sessions since 2019, and is passionate about helping others connect authentically to both themselves and others.

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