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Discover the benefits of D.Y.T.A.
Discovery Yoga Teachers' Alliance

Discovery Yoga Teachers' Alliance, DYTA, provides yoga teachers from all traditions with a solid sense of community through ongoing opportunities for learning, sharing and service.

Deb Assist
An outstanding network of yoga teachers, DYTA continues to evolve as an excellent growth and
support tool, based on active teacher participation. Quarterly meetings provide a lively forum for a
variety of experiences, information, exploration, mentoring, inspiration, and community service.

PLUS there are additional opportunities for both presenters and attendees to accumulate credits
toward 500-hour teacher certification!
Presently there are no membership fees for DYTA.


     Leadership Opportunities:

     Would you like to be involved in organizing, planning and directing the future course of DYTA?  Are you interested in presenting a
     mini-workshop or joining a committee to plan a community activity?  DYTA needs your skills, your energy and your ideas.

Attention all DYTA Members

Thank you all for your loyal support for Discovery Yoga
Teachers' Alliance (DYTA). 

The gathering scheduled for Sunday, November 21, 2010
is cancelled due the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Chanukah and Winter Solace celebrations and holidays.
Also, all DYTA gatherings are cancelled until further notice
due to scheduling conflicts, please check the Discovery Yoga
website during January, 2011 for information regarding
scheduling dates for future DYTA gatherings.  If you have
any ideas or suggestions for future DYTA gatherings, or if
you would like to volunteer to serve DYTA, please send your
information to Discovery Yoga and include an e-mail address
where you can be contacted.

AND… don’t forget!

There are still plenty of opportunities to meet and share
with teacher friends, meet new teachers and make new
contacts by attending and/or volunteering to teach
Community Yoga on Sundays.  Another way to stay
connected is to schedule a “reunion” or “meet up” at
Discovery Yoga with fellow teachers or groups of friends or
students and create your own retreat by selecting and
coordinating from the yoga classes, workshops and
meditation that are offered continually at Discovery Yoga.

Again thank you for your past support for DYTA and Best
Wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday season, hope
to see you all soon on the “mat”!

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Discovery Yoga by:
Kat Doucette
DYTA Facilitator

May 23, 2010

DYTA MEETING:  Theme:  so here’s the story……..now tell me your

“Suggestions as to what our meetings will look like without Christopher Baxter”?

2:00 p.m. I am Kat Doucette, I facilitated the May 23 meeting, we began meeting on time and I welcomed everyone gathered at Discovery Yoga for the DYTA meeting.  
  • began the meeting by reading notes of previous meeting
  • self introduction of each member
  • explanation of why I am facilitating this meeting and asking for the group to help describe what their ideas of future meetings should include
  • invited anyone not on the mailing list and wishing to be included to supply email address (included)

SUMMARY of May 23, 2010 meeting:

The meeting began with a review/discussion of the postures and assists addressed during the previous two meetings.  There were some clarifications/questions/additions regarding assists performed at last two meetings.  The group asked questions and everyone contributed any personal experiences and advice for postures, these observances and experiences were gratefully accepted by the group.  

Again it was suggested that anyone who had not studied the Anatomy of Yoga by Paul Grilley, should buy or borrow a copy and study the information, stressing the quote by Paul Grilley  “Two people doing the same posture are not feeling the same things”.

Discussion of group members on “when do we stop showing postures on the mat and begin assisting students verbally & physically (touch assisting/press point assisting), without injury or raising the anxiety level of the class by not being on the mat”?

Modification of postures for special needs students verses assisting by letting individual student’s body guide them in postures as long as there is no risk of injury or accident.
Take a class—get out of the “teacher mode” and into your own practice.  
Home practice verses yoga classes

Suggested topics for next meetings, those suggestions include:
  • How to save a class:  Verbal clues, blank mind
  • Chair yoga
  • Wellness, therapeutic yoga
  • Additional assists for postures
  • Include “teacher’s yoga class”
  • Funding, grants--opportunities and how to bring yoga to the community
  • Bring in instructors to DYTA for teacher classes.  (I am not sure how this was supposed to be applied, because  DY offers classes and workshops for teachers as an ongoing opportunity. ktd)

4:00 PM: Meeting ended with a grateful thank you to all who attended and participated in this DYTA meeting.

Date for next meeting
was confirmed according to the schedule:  July 18, 2010
Theme for next meeting: How to save a class
Respectfully submitted,
 K.  Doucette

The list of next steps was not discusses at the May 23 meeting, but I am including this list because there are still open actions with resolvment required on all entries.


  • Set up teleconference meetings between individuals or group when necessary to address specific directions or topics to keep support and connection available between in-person meetings.
  • Circulate list of member information for networking and contact.
  • Notes of each meeting will be transcribed, edited and circulated to all members.  Notes will not include “action/interaction/co-learning” portion of meetings.
  • Listing of members with contact information.
  • We will develop a system to have shared responsibilities for this group to function and facilitation at meetings.
  • DONE:  (ktd) Develop a Face book (FB) website for group “blog” discussion boards, after FB demo.
  • We will have a steering committee to facilitate more efficient communications and process between members. Steering Committee volunteers:
    • Bettina Kelbert
    • Nancy Detweiler
    • Naorah Lockhart
FOR INFORMATION ONLY, not discussed at May 23 meeting.
The following information was included in the Nov. 2009 meeting. Subsequent Meetings have also been coordinated with Discovery’s schedule:
  • July 18
  • Sept 19
  • Nov 14
  • Hours:  12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m. optional meal time
  • 1:00-4:00 p.m. Meeting/workshops
  • Topic of discussion or workshop for next meeting determined at current meeting, when possible. 

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