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Erin align's hipsEMPOWERED POSTURE!
The Vertical (R)Evolution

with Erin Burch
April 20-22, 2012
Friday Evening: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
 Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

16 CEUs

Guaranteed AHAH moments that will change the way you relate to your body and your yoga! This program is a must-have for yoga instructors, practitioners and lay people alike. Who doesn’t need to know how to stand in a way that translates personal empowerment, reduces or eliminates aches and pains, slims and heightens, and cultivates the potency of the core? This workshop literally embodies the Mountain pose that will transform your connection to the Earth and inform all of the yoga postures as well. Alignment with the design of your body is the fastest way to feel good, both on and off the mat.

Erin aligns feet

In this workshop, you will:
  • Identify your habitual postural default pattern
  • experience your own specific aligned, functional posture
  • identify three areas of core necessary to uphold and stabilize standing posture
  • experience and practice specific exercises to enhance functional core performance
  • develop the ability to connect to and relate to your body in a partnership relationship
  • develop a living connection through your feet to the earth's energetic field

This program returns you to being “at home” in your body, yielding a depth and richness that you can take into the world. You will feel a sense of revelation as you tune into your body and build a stronger sense of connection that will serve you for the rest of your life. You will be given no-nonsense tools that you can continue to use every day to deepen this new relationship with your body.

($225 if paid in full by May 20)


Erin Burch:
For over 32 years, Erin has been passionately focusing on the most effective way to integrate her scientific and intuitive perspectives. She brings her physical therapy training, clairsentience, a sense of wonder for the human body and the holistic paradigm of yoga to her powerfully healing approach. The journey has brought her to a deep understanding for how the body functions and what creates dysfunction and pain. She enters into an intuitive and kinesthetic “conversation” that dictates the direction of the treatment. Clients have the feeling of “coming home” again to their bodies.  She brings a level of integrity, presence, intelligence, commitment and talent that is unsurpassed.

Erin is the founder of Limitless Body, and the inventor of The Vertical (R)Evolution approach to posture. She is credentialed as follows: B.S. in Physical Therapy, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, Certified Kripalu Massage Therapist, Certified Connective Tissue Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Mind Body Stress Reduction Instructor.  www.limitlessbody.com

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