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200-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification (Deva Parnell)

300-Hour Master Yoga Teacher Certification
(Christopher Baxter and other world-class teachers)

Most workshops below are open to continuing students as well as teachers and are applicable toward the Discovery Yoga
300-Hour Master Yoga Teacher Certification as required*
or elective courses.

*Meditation Retreat/Teaching Meditation (Christopher Baxter)

*Core Asana Training (Christopher Baxter)

*Contemplative Yoga Retreat (Christopher Baxter)

*Wisdom of the Chakras (Christopher Baxter)

*Myofasciae, Prana, and The Bandhas (Jeffrey Shoaf)

*Safe Yoga: Developing a powerful practice that helps
rather than hurts   (Lisa McQuade)

*The Art of Teaching: Three Stages of Kripalu Yoga
(Deva Parnell)

*Functional Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga (Tra Kirkpatrick)

*Ayurveda Basics (Claudia Saucy "Karuna")

Alignment & Assists (Lisa McQuade)

Buddhist Meditation (Carol Lutker) (No CEUs)

Chakras & Energy Anatomy Teacher Training
(Dennis & Kathy Lang)

Creating Transformational Workshops (Ken Nelson)

Creative Kids Yoga® Teacher Training (Rosemary Clough)

Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification (Rudy Pierce)

Kundalini Yoga (Kim Holton)  (No CEUs)

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher Training

Let Your Yoga Dance
(Megha Nancy Buttenheim)

carol & kathy

Meditation, Mindfulness, Mantras & Mudras
(Dennis & Kathy Lang)

M.E.L.T. Method (Amba Greene) (No CEUs)

Pranayama's Deeper Practices ( Jeffrey Shoaf)

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Joanna Vajda)

Sacred Nourishment (Alison Shore Gaines)

Sky Styx: Yoga in Motion (Suzanne Tonkinson)

Sky Styx: The Deep Yoga Series (Suzanne Tonkinson)

Sky Styx For Chairs (Christopher Baxter)

YIN YOGA Teacher Training & Practitioner Immersion
(Mandy Inabinette)


All refunds will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.
If you drop out of the workshop after the start date, there will be no refund.

Past Offerings:

Anodea Judith Workshops:
    7 Wonders of the Soul: Transformation Through The Chakras

    Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

Christopher Baxter Workshops:
    Anatomy of the Chakras

    Four Core Practices of Yoga
   Wellness As A Way Of Life
   Aging through the Chakras
   Ageless Asana
Timeless Energy

Julie Lusk Workshops:
    Guided Relaxation, Imagery & Yoga Meditation
Special Retreat for Women

Lisa McQuade Workshops
Strength in Yoga
S.O.S. ~ Sense of Self: Empowering the Body To Heal

Pranakriya Yoga Therapy:
    Therapeutic Yoga Approach to Chronic Pain
    Functional Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga
    Musculoskeletal Assessment
    The Yoga Way Toward Psychological Health
    Advanced Pranayama
    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Teaching Meditation
    Functional Integration
    Spiritual Doorways: Swami Kripalu's Approach to Asana

Joan Ryan Workshops
    Healthy Back Yoga

    Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health
    Yoga Therapy for Respiratory Issues

    Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis
Reiki Training: Levels 1 & 2

Radiant Wellness Yoga Therapy (Joan Ryan)
   1.  Fundamentals of Therapeutic Yoga:
Assessment Tools, Hypertension & Cardiac Issues
   2.  Therapeutic Yoga for the Respiratory System
   3.  Therapeutic Yoga for the Gastrointestinal System
   4.  Therapeutic Yoga for Parkinson's Disease
         & Autoimmune Disorders
   5.  Therapeutic Yoga for the Spine

Anatomic Yoga (Ray Long)

Asana Intensives (Eryn Boudreau)

Ayurveda & Yoga (Chaya~Sharon Heller)

CPR Training (David Stemp)

Dharma Mittra

Doug Swenson

D.Y.T.A. Discovery Yoga Teachers' Alliance

Empowered Posture: The Vertical (R)Evolution (Erin Burch)

Exploring the Chakras with 7 Crystal Bowls
(Dennis & Kathy Lang)
Healing With The Chakras (Nischala Joy Devi)

KarmaKids Yoga Teacher Training (Jessica Carr Phillips)

A Life Worth Breathing (Max Strom)

Life Force Yoga (Amy Weintraub)

Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation for Cancer Care
(Tammy Bernard & Sharen Lock)

Paddleboard Yoga Retreats
(Scott Farber & Emily Johnson)
(No CEUs)

Partner Yoga (Emily Hartford)

Partner Thai Yoga Massage (Ron & Krista Gaffarian)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (Jennifer Munyer)

Reiki Level 1 Training (George Hughes)

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
(Sudha Caroline Lundeen)

Safe Yoga for Skeletal Health (Sara Meeks)

Sanskrit Training (Bhumi Harriet Russell)

Teaching Mom & Baby Yoga (Joanna Vajda)

Tergar Meditation Training (Tim Olmstead)

Thai Yoga Massage (Stephen Shambach)

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for Arthritis
(Lori Nadle & Marion Robinson)

Touch of Grace: How to Give Unforgettable
Physical Adjustments (Todd Norian)

Transformational Breath (Julie Wolcott & Carol Meyer)

TriYoga: Yogini Kaliji

Yoga Anatomy 101 (Paul Grilley)

Yoga For Menopause (Kate Cordell)

YogaKids Teacher Training (Jackie Morrison)

Yoga Nidra (George Hughes)

YIN YOGA Teacher Training & Practitioner Immersion
(Stephen Shambach & Scott Farber)

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