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with Claudia "Karuna" Saucy

Future Dates TBD
10:00 am--1:00 pm


5 Utility Drive
Suite 15

Palm Coast, Florida

Ayurveda, often translated as the Science of Life and Longevity, is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems based on the premise that health is more than just the absence of illness, but an optimal state of balance between the elements that make up our bodies and influence our minds and emotions. This workshop offers an overview of the key elements of a balanced lifestyle including yoga, nutrition, and simple tips for establishing a life of joy and creative purpose.

$35 discount paid at least two weeks in advance

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Claudia "Karuna" Saucy, M.Ed.,

October 29-31, 2021
November 19-21, 2021
December 3-5, 2021
Friday Evening 6:00-8:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am-5:00 pm

60 CEUs and Certification for Yoga Teachers.
(20 CEU hrs. for each weekend.)
Weekends can be taken separately in the appropriate order.

                                         Yoga Alliance Approved Course.

This is a required course for the Discovery Yoga 300-hour Master Yoga Teacher Certification program.

PART I:  In weekend one, we will establish the foundations, learning about the origins and the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. We will explore our psycho-physical constitutions (the doshas) and how they influence us, and we will be looking at how Ayurveda has a much broader concept of health and wellness beyond simply the absence of disease.

PART II:  In weekend two, we will have fun learning all about what balances us. We will learn about self-care routines, foods that best suit us, herbs, oils, chants and mantras that uplift us and enhance our well being. We will be cooking and eating together as well!

PART III:  In weekend three, we will dive into the exploration of how yoga and Ayurveda come together, why they are considered sister sciences, how yoga asana and pranayama affect the flow of prana and can balance the doshas (elements that contribute to overall health and wellbeing). You will learn how to apply Ayurvedic principles in your personal yoga practice and in your professional offering as well.

In this experiential, hands-on course, you'll gain foundational knowledge of basic Ayurvedic principles as they apply to the practice and teaching of yoga. Beginning with a brief overview of the historical origins of Ayurveda and the different schools of Yoga philosophy that contributed to its development, this course is an exploration of the relevance of Ayurveda in our times, the practicalities of how Ayurveda can enhance not only a regular yoga practice, but also offer the yoga teacher guidelines to intuit and tools to cater to the needs of his or her students and yoga clients more effectively.

Learn the fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology from an Ayurvedic perspective (elements of constitution, main principles or humors, tissues or constructing elements of the body, waste products, the body’s spatial systems or energy channels (srotamsi), digestion, byproducts of overall balanced health). Also, gain insight into Ayurvedic concepts of mind and how it affects the body.
Practical exploration of the movement of prana and the energetics of specific yoga asanas and breathing techniques (pranayama). Experience and practice designing different yoga sequences to obtain specific desired effects. Take home simple lifestyle techniques for the longevity of the yoga teacher and practitioner, including food guidelines, daily routine recommendations, and self-care modalities.

This training includes the practice of specific teaching methodologies including empathic listening techniques, applications of the Cycle of Awareness® as proposed by Don Stapleton, Ph.D., backward curriculum mapping to produce useful lesson plans, methods for giving and receiving feedback, journaling for self reflection, and professional growth as well.

$850 Early-Bird Discount:
Paid in full by September 29

$300 Early-Bird Discount:
Paid in full one month in advance

REGISTER ONLINE through 5 Waves Learning

All refunds will be charged a 10% cancellation fee. If you drop out of the workshop after the start date, there will be no refund.

Claudia "Karuna" Saucy, M.Ed., YACEP/RYT-500/ERYT-200 
Karuna was initiated into yoga and meditation, and then introduced to Ayurveda at an early age. Independently she began exploring and applying Ayurvedic principles in her own life and quickly saw the positive results on her own health. After deepening her studies with Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. David Frawley, and other pioneers in spreading Ayurveda to the West, she wrote a thesis for Long Island University titled "Taking Ayurveda Into the 21st Century" in which she developed the idea that individuals adopting simple and practical Ayurvedic lifestyle habits will naturally contribute to the overall well being of our communities and our society at large. Recently she completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training in Self-Awakening Yoga®, a 100-hour Ayurvedic study with Matthew Remski, author of Threads of Yoga, and a 50-hour Ayurveda and Yoga teaching certification with Chaya Sharon Heller. Holding a master’s degree in education, she has been teaching individuals how to positively change their lifestyles by combining yoga and Ayurveda for preventative health and longevity. Karuna is multilingual and has taught in Costa Rica, Canada, Italy, and the USA.
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