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Chakra Yoga Teacher Training with Anodea Judith

June 12-15, 2010

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

24 CEUs

The chakras represent the architecture of the human soul. As meeting points between mind and body, spirit and matter, the chakras form the yoke of yoga.  As portals between the worlds, the chakras are the seven windows to the soul that connect the inner world with the outer.

Yoga is the spiritual language that opens these centers and brings us to the core consciousness of the divine within. Chakras are modulators of subtle energy and the goal is to free the prana to travel fully through the whole body: grounding your first chakra and rising through the core to the infinite consciousness of the crown. 

In this 4-day training, yoga teachers and seasoned students will learn asanas through the lens of the chakra system.  What postures do we use to open, stimulate, or relax various chakras?  How do we read the body to understand the functioning of the chakras within?  How do we combine opposites, such as opening and closing, holding and releasing, charging and discharging, to pump energy through the whole body-mind system?  How do we incorporate breath, mantra and mudras into our chakra practice? How do we access and strengthen the core?

You will learn sun salute variations for each chakra, along with yoga and bioenergetic exercises for each chakra, along with chakra philosophy, pranayama, mantras, guided meditation and more.

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CEU’s possible for yoga teachers.

TUITION: $495.00

(Early Registration, paid by May 12th - $470.00)


Anodea picAnodea Judith, PhD, is a leading authority on the chakra system and its application to the Western lifestyle. She is the author of Wheels of Life; Eastern Body, Western Mind; and numerous other books and audio products. Her latest work is the award-winning animated DVD, The Illuminated Chakras. She has been teaching workshops on chakras, yoga, and psychology for 30 years. www.sacredcenters.com

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