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Mindful Eating Can Change Your Life
with Alison Shore Gaines

Dates To Be Announced
Sunday evening, Monday-Friday

Early-Bird Discount: $TO COME,
paid in full by February 10, 2019.


What we eat is important to our well-being.  How we eat can have just as great an impact. Come nourish body, mind and soul as we as we explore mindful eating as a tool for healing and insight and learn how our relationship to food is deeply connected with our relationship to spirit. 

This program offers a balance of information and experience.  In a safe, compassionate environment, you will be guided in:

  • Mindful, sacred eating for one of your 3 meals per day
  • Tools to ease stresses and emotions that drive unhealthy habits
  • Attuning to body wisdom to guide what and when to eat
  • Exploring your relationship with food  
  • Sharing insights with others  
  • Gentle yoga for loving your body  
  • Nutrition strategies to overcome food cravings

Perhaps the greatest benefit to mindful eating is that the practice of mindfulness ~ being fully immersed in the present moment ~ evokes  insight, enjoyment and a sense of peace ~  so important in this chaotic world. With the practice of mindfulness, we become wiser moment by moment. The quality of serenity begins to permeate every aspect of our lives. 

Together, let's create a more peaceful world, one deep breath, one savored morsel, one kind thought at a time.

The retreat begins with supper at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday and concludes with lunch at noon on Friday.

Alison Shore Gaines
is a Holistic Health Educator, coach and yoga teacher.  She is a pioneer in the holistic approach to cleansing.  Alison led cleansing retreats at Kripalu Center for 30 years, at Omega Institute for 10 years and at many other retreat centers.

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