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Audio-Cassettes by Deva Parnell

Sunrise Yoga

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Kripalu Vigorous Yoga
a full-body workout containing over 30 postures guided with detailed precision (75 minutes) This no-nonsense yoga experience was recorded live at Kripalu Center. The sequence was practiced daily for over two years by the residential staff and the results included increased energy, flexibility, strength and stamina, not to mention a deeper understanding of the body and the postures themselves. In this audio-cassette, Deva guides you through this powerful sequence focusing on awareness of form and alignment, concluding with pranayama practice and an invitation to relaxation.

Download Posture Sheet

Kripalu Vigorous Yoga
Yoga & Self Trust, a slow, deep experience of connection to Self through the three stages of Kripalu Yoga (90 minutes) Accompanied by soft music, Deva's gentle voice guides you with compassion and inspiration to trust your inner wisdom through:
Developmental movements to warm your
   muscles and lubricate your joints

Stage 1 postures focusing on form and alignment
Stage 2 postures with longer holding times,
   focusing on sensation & exploration of movement
Stage 3 free flow of postures choreographed by
   your own body
Guided relaxation
Pranayama practice
Invitation to meditation

Download Posture Sheet

Yoga & Self Trust

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