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Saturday & Sunday, November 1-2, 2014
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Two full days to experience yoga, chanting & healing teachings from Wah!


One of the most beloved artists in the world of devotional chant is the musician known as Wah! What lies underneath her music is a lifelong dedication to spiritual practice.  In music, her voice rings with a powerful innocence and beauty.  In lecture, she speaks from a place of wisdom.  In yoga, her method is playful and healing. The one thread that runs through all these offerings is her heartfelt spiritual presence.

(includes the Healing Concert on Saturday evening)

(14 CEUs)



Saturday, November 1, 2014
8 p.m.

The Healing Concert is an evening immersion into Wah!'s
beautiful, meditative music with calming "Blisslights."
It is an invitation to access deep relaxation,
natural healing and rejuvenation.

$30 advance
$35 at the door


"What sets Wah! apart is her ability to surrender to the moment … to offer herself to the offering … wanting, in those moments, nothing but love and love alone." 
   - Krishna Das

An accomplished musician, author and one of the founders and leaders of today's World Music movement, Wah! has performed with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Neale Donald Walsch. Her second book, Healing: A Vibrational Exchange explores ways you can create more space and healing in your life. Wah! awakens a journey of love and expansion through her music.

Wah!'s CDs have sold thousands of copies and are used throughout the world for yoga, meditation and relaxation. If you've taken a yoga class in the last five years, you have undoubtedly heard her music. A lifelong yogi and graduate of Oberlin College/
Conservatory, she has spent 30 years studying yoga and teaching music as an art form and healing medium. Wah!'s second book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange includes her CD of live tracks from The Healing Concert.   

Hypnotic, mesmerizing and energizing - just a few adjectives that could be used to describe ¬Wah!.... The success stems from Wah!'s extraordinary voice, which might be characterized as Jewel meets Sade....              -The Saratoga Post/Saratoga Springs, NY

Wah! just might be a devi. She sings with the voice of a goddess, reflecting the deep devotion and reverence of a seasoned bhakta.               -Australian Yoga Life Magazine

WAH! injects something a little trippier to create a mellow groove that's luscious and highly addictive.                                                    -NY Spirit Magazine/New York, NY

Your programs are so joyful. I love the teaching as well as the music. The words that you speak in collaboration with the music really help to elevate the consciousness of the audience.                                                                   -WRPI- In The Spirit radio/ NY

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